Fix Yourself, Not The World

Vinyl, CD & Cassette album artwork for The Wombats fifth studio album – Fix Yourself, Not The World. For AWAL in collaboration with eBoy.


Everything Everything – Supernormal and Mercury and Me EP. Supernormal’s about how culture & consumerism these days is getting increasingly ‘over-the-top’, sensationalist and exaggerated. Everything is MORE! EXTRA! BIGGER!


3D Artwork & Promo Videos for Everything Everything’s Fifth Studio Album – Re-Animator. Due for release August 2020.

100% Yes

Overview “100% Yes” represents the third studio album from the London based sextet Melt Yourself Down, founded…

Pip Blom

Print Ready Vector Artwork created for Pip Blom – Boat LP. The band provided a selection of design assets that required a level of finesse to prepare for print. I was onboard to provide vectorised print ready artwork.


Info A Selected Artist invited to reflect on the idea of new-born Digital Ethnos. “Digital…

The Amazons

Overview A collaboration with photographer Matt Goff for The Amazons self-titled debut album, scheduled for…