Bill Viola

A trailer for Bill Viola's exhibition at YSP in collaboration with Omni Studio.

Client: Omni Studio
Date: 30 October 2015
Services: Motion Graphics


Yorkshire Sculpture Park presented a significant exhibition by pioneering American video and installation artist, Bill Viola. It was the most extensive exhibition in the UK by the artist for over 10 years.


We would like a engaging 30 second and 1 minute trailer using footage / stills of Viola‘s work and key (text) messages.

Perhaps using audio from one/both of the films? As mentioned before, we really like the style of the RA’s Ai Weiwei trailer but would want something much more subtle/gentle than this. The key messages that I think should be included are:

One of the world’s most eminent artists
Most extensive exhibition in the UK for over a decade

Possibly interspersed with words like: Life / Death / Spirituality / Love / Despair / Fear / Relief / Purification / Obscurity / Clarity / Mortality / Transcendence / Peace / Longing.

Use as few or as many of the above as you think works and in whichever order. The end card will need all of the copy and logos that appear on the advert examples.


Working with assets provided by YSP and video shot by Omni Studio, work began on creating concepts & style frames for the trailer.

A motion type treatment was created  to portray the key messages. Words intermix with the visuals to create visual interest, all set to a dynamic soundtrack.

‘This is a real showstopper’

The Times

‘A must see exhibition in a must see venue, if you have never before visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, now is the time to do so’