100% Yes

Melt Yourself Down

Client: Blackstar / Decca Records / Universal Music
Date: 6 August 2019
Services: Graphic Design, Artwork


“100% Yes” represents the third studio album from the London based sextet Melt Yourself Down,

founded in 2012 by saxophonist Pete Wareham and fronted by livewire vocalist Kush Gaya.

Melt Yourself Down are a London-based band who incorporate elements of North African musical styles, punk, jazz and funk. Founded in January 2012, the band is led by saxophonist Pete Wareham, former leader of now defunct jazz/punk band Acoustic Ladyland and saxophonist in British jazz band Polar Bear.


Blackstar & UMG approached OneTenEleven to create designs for Melt Yourself Down up coming album – 100% Yes.

An open brief to create Vinyl & CD Print ready artwork based around an illustrated cover image by Canadian Artist – Alex Garant. Cover Art, Custom Font & Lyrics were provided. The aim to produce coherent artwork for 100% Yes,


On Repeat

Audio was provided by Decca Records for inspiration which was listened to on repeat.

100% YES explores a modern style of jazz, exploring genres with heavy percussion. The album balances impressive lyrics and rhythmic saxophone with a unique energy.

The aim was to reflect this quirkiness in the artwork.

“Perfect for Dancing Around The House Naked To”

Time Out

“An escape from life’s realities in the sprawling expanse of experimental music”

Malvika Padin gigwise.com

“This little gem is not for the faint-hearted”