Fix Yourself, Not The World

The Wombats

Vinyl, CD & Cassette album artwork for The Wombats fifth studio album – Fix Yourself, Not The World. For AWAL in collaboration with eBoy.

Client: AWAL
Date: 10 August 2021
Services: Graphic Design, Print Design


The Wombats are an English indie rock band formed in Liverpool in 2003. Since its inception, the band’s line-up has consisted of Matthew Murphy (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Tord Øverland Knudsen (bass, backing vocals, keyboards), and Dan Haggis (drums, backing vocals, keyboards).


AWAL approached OneTenEleven with the brief for the creation of the artwork for The Wombats fifth studio album ‘Fix Yourself, Not the World’.

Supplied with the amazing pixorama cover design from eBoy, the brief was to make the Vinyl, CD & Cassette artwork fit together like a 3D puzzle and create layouts inspired by the eBoy design.

OneTenEleven X eBoy


eBoy provided the pixorama along with modular components of the scene.

After studying eBoys illustration technique a 20×40 grid system developed to compliment the artwork.

The grid was utilised across the artwork as a guide to create colour blocks as a background to the eBoy modules. Magnifying the details of the scene to create large pixel block backgrounds.

The grids provided a base to create type layouts, selecting the FF Eboy Font family to further compliment the artwork.

This style was then rolled out across Vinyl, CD & Cassette artwork.

Grid System

Album Artwork

``We've come too far and work too hard now to ever really stop...``

The Wombats

``...this idea of letting go and maybe being a bit more present than I have been`` is a big theme on the upcoming album.``

The Wombats


‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’ is due for release Jan ’22. Available for Pre-order now.