Lonely The Brave

Date: 2 February 2016
Services: Graphic Design


Concepts for UK alternative rock band Lonely The Brave 2016 Album.


UK alternative rock band Lonely The Brave will be releasing their sophomore album in March 2016 and they’re looking to work with on the creation of the new album artwork.
Their debut album had very distinctive, detailed artwork. This time we feel the creative leaning towards a more simple approach. For example, we love the simplicity within the packaging and layout of the Bonobo album.
We’ve included a lot of dark imagery but there are a few colourful references. We’re definitely not against a use of colour, if it still captures the mood correctly.
The team is generally leaning towards a photo based design at this stage, but we would have certainly not ruled out any illustration and would also be interested in seeing any ideas of this style also.
We would need the designs to include full CD & LP design & layout, plus single art.